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    So I have a minecraft server with a stable ammount of people, and now 1.4 is out there are a few new map generated type things the problem is my map is of course 1.3. I was told about some addon called like project anvil that would re gen the map (keeping buildings etc..) so new chunks loaded in that map would be 1.4 so the players could get some cool new stuff!

    Does anyone know of this plugin or know something that would allow me to get the new stuff without removing the map ;/
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    Wrong forum.
    This is for requests, not looking for plugins T_T
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    Well if it doesnt exist anyone wanna make it?
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    McEdit i think.
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    You can delete old chunks, those not built on yet are best suited, and regen the world.
    Are there more new things than the witch huts that need new chunks to generate? Delete a few swamps and you are good to go.
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    you saying my old map will be good any new cunks will have a chance of getting huts etc..
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    Any new chunks generated will have an equal possibility of getting the new features as a 1.4.2 originally generated map. Even bats will spawn in already generated chunks!

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