Progress spreadsheet of 1.5 Update?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by tomnicklin, Mar 14, 2013.

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    I remember there used to be a spreadsheet of progress of updating Bukkit, showed what needed to be done, how much was done, and how much was left and it was updated very frequent, is that still around?
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    Dinnerbone always used to do this, but since he's not here anymore...
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    Dinnerbone? :'(
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    I only got to see one a long time ago. It was so great to see the progress and there were always so many people viewing it haha. It was kinda like watching a big fancy progress bar loading...
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    That spreadsheet was horrible inaccurate and poorly reflected the actual work needed to be put into the update. It was dropped as it did nothing but cause us even more questions. :(
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    We want the spreadsheet back! Now I have nothing to do during updates. Players play single player and crappy vanilla servers and I don't want to play alone, so all I used to do was stare at it while pressing F5 repeatedly. Bring it back! :(
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  8. I can wait,
    but it could be fun if they streamed it.
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    You'd think that people would take the hint with all the little padlock icons on all the new 1.5 threads that get started. And then there are all the replies saying that it will be ready when it's ready and to be patient. You have a life outside of Minecraft, and so don't the Bukkit Devs. Leave em alone.
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    Like with any website that allows you to download plugins and such, the users expect to be updated and notifed with certain things are going to be updated and relased, i.e. server updates for servers, etc... Not saying people are doing their jobs poorly, but simply saying "be patient and it'll come out when it comes out.." is obviously not a good answer to thousands of people who use the website and share the same requests for info. People rely on information like this so that they CAN be patient, but some people lack that ability to simply "be patient", thus why im sure Dinnerbone had that spreadhseet up, as to give people some sort of time range, if any, on when a relase would happen. So to tell people to "leave the developers alone" or to not bother them about when a release will happen is simply a pipe dream and a rediculous.
    The bukkit team has sorta of lagged behind in the last year or so, in my eyes and many others, as to when the bukkit releases come out foloowing the release of a new update for Minecrarft. Now im sure they have full work loads as it is, and im in no way bashing bukkit for the lag in release times (so please save yout comments), i simply would like to state that maybe a little more time can be put into making sure the relases match up better, so as to thin the ever lasting questions of when relases will come out.
    That being said, i shall now sit here and wait with my nearly empty server; as many others are... for the update to come out, whenever that may be.
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    It didn't help anything. All you need to do is check the forums from that time and check the forums now - you'll see the same impatience as before.
    Bukkit updates have been faster in recent times than they were before.
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    He left :O ?
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    TnT As i stated, i dont bash on the bukkit dev's. they do a great job at updating Bukkit. Maybe it has gotten faster, idk, but it still isnt as fast as it could be. The impatience will always be there, as I've seen in many of the other locked posts. By simply not giving any information, it just opens up for more questions, and yes i know there will always be people asking when a new update will occur (cause the curiosity ALWAYS kills the cat) and ion most cases, i believe, as do others, that telling users "be patent" is not the right answer. Human logic can always make some sort of deduction as to when something will be finished. Its just making the time to do so that seems to be the issue here with people.

    All in all i think what people really want is more info then whats provided, and i believe, as smart as the Bukkit Dev's are, and the peeps affiliated with them, that they could come up with a better answer in the future.

    Keep up the good work Bukkit Team!
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    We've tried giving steady updates. It resulted in the longest thread I've seen in terms of updates. All it does is encourage more status update questions, and doesn't satisfy the question "When will CraftBukkit be out?" in anyway.
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    TnT i agree that the question "when will craftbukkit be out" is a never ending pie of redundant slices and everyone wants to ask, but as someone mentioned before, the spreadsheet thing could be something worth bringing back or trying in again, if not in some other manner. Just a thought...
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    He's with Mojang now.
  17. Unfortually for us, but it's good for him... :D
    I think we has done a lot for bukkit, and now he's doing a lot for minecraft.
  18. I think a note about that the update is being worked on should not be left out, it is more encouraging.

    The protocol-hack ways are somewhat working on some setups, but those are not an option for CraftBukkit. A reliably woking update to 1.5 is much more time consuming than a protocol-trick-play.
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    That's right I remember that, he may need that spreedsheet for mod api now? < wink >
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    @ Clubbedforsaken
    When has the Bukkit team ever let you down? When have they ever slacked off? When have they not delivered their product the instant it is ready?
    The Bukkit devs have been consistant for as long as I have been coming here and using Bukkit. They have proven themselves time and time again and I have no reason to believe that they will be different this time around. So if you don't see an update then it means it isn't ready and they are still working on it. Now if they say it will be out next Monday and it's not then you would be up in arms and bitching and moaning about how much they suck, along with 100 other impatient people.
    Now if you have been here for any number or updates you should know that the updates can take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks on average. Give them a couple weeks. If there is no update then I wouldn't be offended by people asking when it might be done. But for people to start hounding them immediately after Mojang updates is just ridiculous.
    One last thing. If you think you can do it better or faster then offer your services or make your own Minecraft mod.
    Sorry to sound like a jerk about it, but think about it for a second.
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