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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by beaudigi, Dec 5, 2013.

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    Well im new to bukkit coding and I need some help. I want someone to go through some simple lessons to help me develop my skills. i am willing to pay, but Im hoping theirs a coder who is expereinced enough and generous enough to help me.
    I want this to spam over 1 to 2 weeks with 7 lessons:

    lesson 1:
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    Bukkit basics (eg: starting a script, making a script so when you make a command like (/cow) it replies with moo. Also when you do /cow it makes a moo sound and creates a smoke effect around you. I want this to be done with each sentence explained // and how it works.

    At the end could you assign a task for me to complete which may be like: create a plugin that when you do /cat it creates a growl and ender man particle effect.

    Lesson 2:
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    In this lesson I hope to find out about how to actually make a simple kit. One which just gives you items, such as a iron sword, 26 soup and full iron. As well as this in this lesson the sword should be explained on how to rename it ("eg: *[playernames] sword or Pvp Sword). Also in this section it should explain how to make a sword "poisonous" and how to add enchantments to items. As well as this it should explain how to give the player custom effects (eg: strength) and how to make sure this effects dont linger on after their death. If this could also be all explained thoroughly and a task assigned (eg: make a archer conter part)

    lesson 3:
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    how to ensure some items cant be dropped (eg: swords and bowls)
    How to make sure players can't pick a kit twice (eg: pvp then archer)
    How to make items create sounds (eg: when you rightclick your soup it makes a burp sound)
    How to make soup heal hearts
    maybe the task at the end of this is to make a sound when a player picks a kit.

    Lesson 4:
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    Fall Damage
    Explosions (safe explosions)

    Lesson 5:
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    How to implanment lesson 4's ideas into kit items / abilities: eg: the stomepr kti transfers its fall damage to hurt others near it, the knagaroo kit uses velocity to jump witha firework rocket and the vacuum kit uses velocity to draw players closer to it.

    lesson 6
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    How to finalise the kit.
    Adding perms to the kit
    Ensuring the kit's item dosent conflic 9eg; a kangaroos firework rocket, cant shoot fireworks and it also can only be obtained in the kit).
    adding cooldowns to certain items

    Lesson 7
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    Adding a custom GUI, to pick the kits
    Adding chests, which spawn on a players death and disappear 5 seconds later
    Utilising the Boss bar

    If someone could help me with this itll be great :D
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    beaudigi Why do you need a personal teacher when PogoStick post simple videotutorials on youtube?
    I learnt basics from him in a week
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    been watching pogo but only half of his stuff is relevant. Plus he just writes the code he dosent explain it. Well he explains it a bit, but not enough.
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    Or better, you can start first with some basic java tutorials (if you don't know it yet)
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    Ok goingto try thenewsboston :D

    I like pogo as he gives the gitbub (but BC explains its more, but gives no github)...Havent tried boston yet. However I still think if a experienced coder was to provide some of these lessons itll be much more beneficialal

    Zuphy any links to good start up vids?
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    beaudigi (Use the Tahg below the user message if you wanna he get notified by your answer)

    However no, I'm sorry, I started with tutorials and after I downloaded a .pdf, but both were in my mother language (italian) ..
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