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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Axelthecritic, Sep 13, 2011.

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    So i had some trouble with Multiverse (tell you that in a sec) and the creator told me to move the plugins and try using it alone. So i did that, didn't work, and now I can't access space with BananaSpace! My spawn has also moved to another world (it used to be in space). What do I do?
    And about the MV thing, nothing happens when I type in a command, not even a message. Same thing happens with Bananaspace help (/space help)

    Please help!

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    This is clearly due to MultiVerse and you will get the best help by asking the developer, not the general community.
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    @Supersam654 is correct, you will likely get the best help from the MultiVerse team if they've already been working with you, but we can still try and help. You said that the plugin dev told you to move all the plugins and try to use MultiVerse alone? If you removed BananaSpace.jar from the plugins folder, then Space will not be loaded when you turn on the server. What's currently in your plugins folder, and what does using /plugins in game tell you?
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    Already fixed it with help from a Multiverse creator, thanks anyways.
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