Solved Problem with sending titles and subtitles to player

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by PDKnight, Aug 24, 2015.

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    Hello Bukkit,
    Today I've been working with titles, everything works perfectly, but titles and subtitles still appear for about 3 seconds :(

    I'm using TitleAPI:

    And here's how I send a title to player (it works):
    1. TitleAPI.sendTitle(player, "0 5 0", "{text:\"&cHello!\"}", "{text:\"sub\"}");

    Please, help me, I don't know what to do now :(
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    @PDKnight The delays might be in ticks, not sure though.
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    @au2001 What do you mean? FadeIn, stay and fadeOut are always integers, so 0 5 0 means the title and subtitle should appear for approximately one quarter of a second :)
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    @PDKnight Oh okay, and I thought you wanted the title to stay 5 seconds :/
    Well try putting 1, your API might be, someway I didn't see, change the delays to seconds...
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    @au2001 It still doesn't work, title and subtitle still appears for 3 seconds after I set times to 0 1 0 :(

    @au2001 Huyeah, I've just solved it! The reason why it was not working was because I used wrong spigot in Referenced libraries :{ But yeah, I'm happy now! \o/

    -- SOLVED

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    @PDKnight Hmm, Spigot... :/ Use 1.7 craftbukkit! x')
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