Solved Problem with List<String>

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ArthurMaker, Jan 11, 2014.

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    I'm doing a list with spawns but I got errors when I add more than 1 spawn...
    I use this:
    1. private List<String> spawns = null;
    2. public void addSpawn(String location){
    3. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("0");
    4. if(this.spawns != null){
    5. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("1");
    6. List<String> spawnList = this.spawns;
    7. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("2");
    8. spawnList.add(location);
    9. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("3");
    10. this.spawns = spawnList;
    11. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("4");
    12. }else{
    13. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("1.1");
    14. this.spawns = Arrays.asList(new String[]{location});
    15. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("2.1");
    16. }
    17. }

    I did some debug messages, and I saw it goes until 2. The "spawnList.add(location);" doesn't work and I don't understand why.
    Can anyone help me? :s
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    Does it throw an exception or is it just doing nothing?
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    Because you can do anything with null object?
    1. private List<String> spawns =null;
    change to
    1. private List<String> spawns = new ArrayList<>();
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    It throws an exception.
  5. You were catching an exception, and the exception has been thrown right at spawnList.add(location).

    Could you change the catch clause in the other part of your code?

    }catch(Exception e){}
    }catch(SpecificException e){}
    EDIT: nvm, didnt see your last post.

    Is the exception IllegalStateException?
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    Gosh, I forgot the "new ArrayList<String>()".
    I'll try it out, ninja.
  7. I think Arrays.asList returns an unmodifiable list.
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    Nope, it doesn't work too with "new ArrayList<String>()"...
    Not working...
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    ArthurMaker Because your storing a location in a string?
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    Nope, I convert the location to a string before execute the addSpawn().
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    1. List<String> locations = new ArrayList<String>();
    2. public void addLocation(String location) {
    3. locations.add(location);
    4. }

    That should work :p
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    Nope, doesn't work... e-e
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    if it does not work you obviously did something wrong.
    post "fixed" code and stacktrace.
  14. Did you see the edit?

    Whats the exception?
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    }catch (Exception e){

    Nope, nothing wrong.
    The code in the post is which almost worked. I mean, it added 1 string to the list, but just this. The others code doesn't work.

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    Don't do that

    In general, exceptions aren't a "break" in code, they are just another utility. When a specific exception is thrown, it is thrown so that you can handle the exception the correct way.

    There are also Runtime exceptions that, by design, should not be caught (NullPointer, OutOfMemory). RuntimeExceptions represent exceptions that result from an error in the code itself.

    If you choose to catch all exceptions and then, say, exit the program. That might be a usable case for this. Otherwise I would recommend against it.

    This post has some other general information about the practice:

    As stated before, post your full code, and relevant stack trace.
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    Solved! I just edited some things in the code and now it works perfectly.
    Thank you guys, for your help!
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    Remove this:

    1. @SuppressWarnings("null")

    And you'll likely find your error. You should not be suppressing warnings.
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