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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Pookie21, Feb 16, 2011.

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    I couldnt find anything like this on the plugin list, so here goes it.

    I recall the cuboid days: setting up areas and such, allowing/disallowing commands, etc, and i always wondered why they didnt incorporate a local chat function.

    I would like a plugin that restricts chat to persons within a defined area. For instance, I have several admin and moderator lounges on my map in various locations. It would be baller if we (admins and mods) could go into a lounge, and be able to talk privately to only eachother.

    Im not asking for an "area restricted" mod, like cuboid did, just something that sets the boundaries for chat to only within a set space.

    The only thing i could find that was close to this is the LocalChat plugin. (im not sure if thats even what its called). The one where it limits ones message, so no one further than 30 blocks can hear you. This wouldnt work for me however, because then someone could just stand outside the walls of the lounge area, and most likely be within 30 blocks of one if not all of us admins.
  2. Oh wow, amazing iea, I second this! And also there are some plugins for like Chat rooms... but I don't like those much.

    PS: Search the word "Chat" in the temporary plugins list.
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    search? yea, i did. As i said, the only ones that came close were the LocalChat one, and as you said, the various Chat Rooms mods. I dont like those much either. They are too complicated.
    I'm looking for something practical, and something thats more realistic than chat room channels.
  4. I said search just incase you didn't know about them, and since I was too lazy to post links, I said "search" :) And again, I second this! BUMP! :D
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    bump. i cant believe this isn't receiving more attention. its such a practical idea
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    bump. sorry D:
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    I think I remember Buxville having this, good idea though. I would look up "town chat".
    Probably not ported though.
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    THANK you!
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    This plugin already exists. I think it's called 'LocalChat'.
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    Shoo, don't bump it anymore. Nobody is interested in doing it, obviously. You could try HeroChat, it has local chat.
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