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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by JazzaG, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Just wondering if there's an RSS feed for private messaging, similar to the files feed for projects?

    - JazzaG
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    lol768 Retired Staff

    Wouldn't this require authentication?
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    I doubt it, but they could have put it in the /home directory, which would force them to generate it on every request.. :S
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    No such thing unfortunately. The API key is useful for authentication, if you go to it will explain how to use it. I think it's meant for the file upload API but actually works on all pages. The only feeds I know of are all for projects files.rss, comments.rss, tickets.rss and images.rss
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    Thanks Jacek, that'll make do :)
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    lol768 Retired Staff

    Is there a way of posting a comment with the API key?

    Perhaps a POST to with these params?

    My understanding is that lastCommentId is used to abort the message if other comments have been posted in the time since you started writing the comment. By setting it really high, we bypass this. The other fields tell Trinium that we're making a comment, the comment text and the markup type.

    EDIT: Awesome :D It works!
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    Some Curse operations require a dbo referrer, just bare that in mind.
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