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    im using prison utils made by @mrCookieSlime

    Block breaks:

    Is it possible to set the blocks broken to a pickaxe with this instead of to the player. So if someone sells their pickaxe given through a kit called Gold, and mine 100 blocks with it it will on sell show Gold 100 Blocks broken. This instead of the player having so many blocks broken.. Cause i know the plugin allows or disallow its prefix for a pickaxe but i want every rank their own pickaxe gold(pickname aswell as rank) 100 100 1337(enchants) and silver(pickname aswell as rank) 150 150 1337(enchants)

    Also how do i give myself a dia pickaxe for a kit with those enchants and the name Gold

    These things have come up thus far but might be more when its more tested through outly

    Worldguard: (fixed)
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