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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Danteland, May 7, 2015.

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    I'm gonna make a prison system that is highly customizable. I already believe that the idea I made so far is too complex for me to finish alone so if anyone wants to join me in making this I would appreciate the help. So far I made a google docs document with some user stories in the form of a lexicon and I also written down expected dependencies and some requirements. If you want to join me to just have suggestions about what to add to the plugin you can comment them below.

    This is what I've come up with so far.

    Prison System Document

    *Original Post* Hi, I like to make a prison server system but I don't want to work alone.
    I just want to see if anyone else also thought about this and maybe wants to join me?
    It would be kind of a large mod though so enthusiasm is required :) *Original Post*
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    You should post a lot more details. If you want someone with enthusiasm to partner up with you on this they should at least know what exactly you are making.
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    Yes I have been scouting prison servers a little bit and what I like to make is a plugin that covers everything from events to handleing access of what blocks that can be broken by who to shops to pvp areas.

    I have been looking a bit in to maybe writing down what needs to be done in to a document, maybe I will publish it on google docs. And I was thinking of updating my work in this thread. So if anyone becomes interested in joining me through reading about what I've already done they can just comment in this thread.
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    Moved to WIP and Development status
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    hai, i luv prison servers, and would love to help, just one question, their are 2 types of prison servers, one where you just mine and rankup, one where you actually try to get out of jail, which one is it?
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    What have you exactly got done?
  8. @Eos
    I'm not sure how it's handled on here, but you just necroposted a thread that was last responded to 1 1/2 month ago
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