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    Plugin category: Prison/RolePlay

    Suggested name: Prison Guard RP

    What I want: I would like to see a nice simple Guard plugin for a prison RP server im working on. I would like it to have a item (Stick) With the ability to run a jail command. I would also like a similar contraband system to other ones. For example i want to have the Contrabands for swords, bows, drugs (Sugar Mushrooms etc you get the idea). i'd also like a Duty command (Like the Others)
    Another thing i'd like, is if you could create ranks e.g: Trainee Guard elite guard, Warden.
    I'd also love to have lightish blue Prefixs for the guards eg: {<Rank name>}

    Ideas for commands: /<Rank name> desc: Gives <Rank name>'s Kit
    /Rank set <Rank name> desc: Sets Rank to a Guard Rank.
    /Contraband desc: Lists all the contraband
    /<Contraband name> Asks the player for it and gives a timer of 5 seconds
    /Guard-Inv Desc: Checks Inventory of hit player
    /Duty <On or Off> Desc: Takes or gives tag to the guard/Trainee etc
    /Arrest desc: Gives arrest stick

    Ideas for permissions: prg.<rank name>.kit /<Rankname> Permisson
    prg.<Rank name>.setrank /rank set <Rank name. Permisson
    prg.contraband.list Contraband lister Permission
    prg.request.<Contraband name> Contraband requester permission
    prg.duty.<rank name>

    When I'd like it by: Whenever is easiest. I'd prefer it done before christmas if possible

    Thanks In advance for helping
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    Is it alright for it to give Swords, Bows or Drugs the Lore 'Contraband'
    Is it alright to create a 'prg.guard' Permission to make someone a guard instead of Making ranks.

    Example of how I think it could work. Someone Right-Clicks a player, Checks for permission prg.guard, If true Checks if they have a item with Lore Contraband, if player does have it they are asked for it, if not given They are jailed and its taken away.
    Or something like that, Thoughts?
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