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    Suggested name: Prison Essentials

    What I want: One plugin that revolves around the essential things needed for a prison server, such as RankUp, MineReset, etc. Also, If it is possible I would like there to be features such as Fortune for all Blocks, Auto-Smelting(Ores turn into Ingots when you mine them), block pickup(when you mine a block it instantly goes into your inventory), and a feature that stops blocks from being mined if a users inventory is full(Or the block just disappears when mined, it doesn't drop on the ground or go into the user's inventory). If all of these features could have an editable config too that would be fantastic! So basically all of the essential plugins needed to make a prison server wrapped into one big plugin, with one big config, it doesn't have to be one config but it would be nice, to create less of a hassle. I know I am asking for a lot of stuff so I don't expect it to be finished any time soon!

    Ideas for commands:

    "/prisonessentials help" or "/pe help" (views all of the commands, such as /mines and /rankup, for the plugin, and gives a brief description)

    "/mine help" (Base command for creating mines or using the Mine/MineReset feature)
    - "/mine create <mine name>" (Creates an empty mine with the specified name)
    - "/mine set <mine name> <blockid> <percent of mine to take up, out of 100%>" (Sets a specified percentage of the mine to the specified BlockID)
    - "/mine unset <mine name> <blockid>" (Unsets a specified block from the mine)
    - "/mine delete <mine name>" (Deletes a specified mine)
    - "/mine delay <amount of time in seconds>" (Sets the mine to reset every amount of seconds)
    - "/mine silentreset <mine name> <true:false>" (Makes the mine reset silently)

    "/rankup help" (Base command for the ranking feature)
    - "/ranks" (Shows all of the ranks (listed in the config on a ladder) available to the user)
    - "/rankup" (Ranks the user up to the next rank list on the ladder)

    "/prisonessentials reload" or "/pe reload" (Reloads the plugin config, or just the plugin in general)

    All other features will not require commands, but should be toggle-able or editable in the config. Such as the autopickup and smelting stuff.

    Ideas for permissions:
    prisonessentials.user (This permission will toggle all of the listed permissions)
    - prisonessentials.rankup.rankup
    - prisonessentials.rankup.ranks
    - prisonessentials.smelt(When a user with this permission mines an ore, it will instantly turn into an ingot/gem.)
    - prisonessentials.pickup(when a user with this permission mines a block of any kind it will go directly into their inventory)

    prisonessentials.admin (This permission will toggle all of the listed permissions)
    - prisonessentials.reload
    - prisonessentials.rankup.rankother (/rankup someone else, using "/rankup <name>")
    - prisonessentials.rankup.bypasscost (Bypass the cost to rankup)
    - prisonessentials.mine.reset.* (Ability to reset all mines)
    - prisonessentials.mine.reset.<mine name> (Ability to reset specific mines only)
    - prisonessentials.mine.create (Ability to create mines)
    - prisonessentials.mine.edit (Ability to set and unset contents of a mine)
    - prisonessentials.mine.delete (Ability to delete mines)

    Extra Stuff: Since the Author is the one making the plugin, I would like him/her to feel free to edit or add any idea that they want. I want them to make it their plugin, but just follow the guidelines of the request.

    When I'd like it by: I would like it by anytime, I know I have a lot of stuff I am asking for. I really would like it if someone does this, it would mean the world to me, and probably a lot of other people. Thanks!

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