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    Prison escape.
    Select a sell ( has to be 5x5 or as changed in config)
    Pvp is off in cells.
    Iron bars at front, after x amount of seconds in a sell the iron bars will disapear.
    Main Hall;
    Customizible- has to be size that is set in config.
    Must have secret roots ect.
    Have a space for guards
    Needs a door to the yard
    Can be anything as long as it is set size
    Do /pe setyard p1/2 at the ends
    To be setup by you!
    Needs a way to escape.
    When a player crosses the boundry it says -player- has escaped the jail! Well done!
    Then it will give them a reward that is set in cofig.

    Setting up.
    To select the main region do /pe setarena p1/2 at the diagonal corners.
    To make main hall do /pe sethall p1/2 at diagonal corners
    To make cells do /pe setcell (number of cell) p1/2 at diagonal corners
    Yard is explained.
    Put them anywhere but where they are do /pe setgames warp and at main yard have a portal that is made the same way as a normal portal but with iron blocks instead of obsidan and it will auto warp you to the games when you go through, same way to get back but gold blocks.
  2. We will most likely do this.... Updates to come
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    Ok, thanks!
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    Also looiking for a DEV for my srerver. Please join, IP: and add me on sky and we can discuss Ske: matty.mitchell2


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    Yes but I need a server DEV, can you be my DEV?
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    What would this involve?
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    Sorry, I dont really like it. I want a main prison in one world, not mini ones.

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