Prison Escape plugin.

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    Plugin category/s: Role Playing, Fun

    Suggested name: Prison Escape

    What I want: Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone could make a plugin that can allow people to type a command to try and escape from Prison. My idea was to interlace it with Essentials jail so for example, if a Player is sent to a jail named 1 they can't use the escape command, but if they're sent to a jail called Prison they can use the escape command. The command could have a configurable chance of escape. If they fail to escape they have to wait for another X minutes before trying again.

    If they succeed at escaping the command could either execute commands or have a configurable option. For example you could have it so it executes a /say command upon Successful escape.

    Ideas for commands:
    /pe escape
    /pe add <essentialsjailname>
    /pe remove <essentialsjailname>
    /pe reload
    /pe reset

    Ideas for permissions:

    Config example:
    #Prison Escape Plugins.    #
    #Turn this to True to turn the Plugin on, Turn it to false to turn the plugin off.
    Active: True
    #This is read as a percentage, for example, 20 would be 20% chance of escape.
    Success rate: 25
    #Turn this to true to have it broadcast a message to the online players if someone escapes from prison.
    Broadcast: true
    #The text entered below is what the server will broadcast to the online player.
    Message: <player> has escaped from <prison>
    When I'd like it by: If someone chooses to develop it, maybe a few weeks?
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    Fixed it, sorry Omni.
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    Essentials blocks all commands when in jail. Probably a way to override this, but regardless, if you're running a prison server, I'd recommend NOT using Essentials jail feature. The jail feature is meant for punishing... You also might have some issues with the fact that if you walk too far away from the jail point, you'll be tp'ed back.

    Point is, I'd recommend getting a better one. :3
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    Hmm, thanks for the heads up. And it's not so much a jail server, more diverse then that, has fair few RP styles.

    Plugin no longer needed, made a script using commandhelper which does it.

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    Can u share the script please? :)
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    arofaz Do you have Commandhelper? If you do once I wean out the glitches I'll send it to you.
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    UniqueBen I can download it anytime i want :3

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