Solved Prison 2, help?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by KylizzleBadizzle, Jan 14, 2016.

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  1. so my english isnt the best but ill try write this so youll understand, basically im creating an OP prison server and i have the plugin Prison 2, but i need it to cope w group manager, so when you rank to rank B from A you get the group manager perms from rank B, (i have ranks setup in group manager) any ideas/help/suggestion?
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    I think what you are asking is how do you get the group changed when someone ranks up with ./rankup?

    If so, then it is impossible. I read the Bukkit Dev plugin page, there is no way to have that happen unless someone altered the code for you. The plugin comes with a "Custom & Simple built-in rank system" which basically means that the ranks are made and you cannot make it so when they rankup the receive a permission.
    If you installed another plugin of some sort there may be another way around this. Some plugin must have a alias plugin that takes money and gives the player a permission. @timtower may know of one.

  3. Thanks for reply, i found a way around it though :)
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