Solved Printing all strings of ArrayList<String> by line

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by stimoze, Jul 31, 2016.

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  1. The title says it all. I want to add strings to the arraylist by commands, but the problem is that i can't print it cause it's an ArrayList<String> and it only can print String.
    How can I print strings in arraylist like one string by line? What's the best way for it?
    Is this even possible? If so please help me!

    Here's an example code:

    Bukkit.broadcastMessage(MY ARRAYLIST HERE);
    I know right this isn't possible cause the "MY ARRAYLIST HERE" part is an ArrayList but what the broadcastMessage() method needs, is a String.
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    I would just loop through the arraylist and then broadcast. If you want it all on one line, you could use StringJoiner or StringBuilder
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    He want to print it line by line, meaning iterate over it and broadcast the string you have.
    EDIT: Sorry didn't read it too well, you said the same.
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  5. @stimoze
    for String s : List<String>
    Bukkit.broadcastMessage s
  6. Thank you all guys for help :) Found the best solution.
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