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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by D_cay, Sep 12, 2012.

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    hi, i was wondering..
    is it possible for someone to upload a server with plugins and permissions all set?
    I could use it as a example and can change some things myself.
    i am trying te get a server running for a week now and been reading a lot.
    everyting is working exept i cant seem to get permissions like i want it.

    i just want some ranks, a money system and people can buy there own plots or towns..
    the only thing people sould be able to do is tp.. No crazy stuff..
    just grief protection and chest lock, stuff like that

    if anybody is willing to help me i would realy appriciate it.
    and if its to mutch work i could donate a small amount of money for it..
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    I can't show u my server files, but i can help u set ur own
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    Hope my link still works. Our site is currently expecting maintance, so it's not that good looking ;)
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    sounds like you would benefit from a server management software check this out
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    Theres a thing I dont like with MCmyadmin, you're limited to host 6 players (personal use) though buying this is expensive for me. Hes needs a premade server, not a server management software.

    The link Overdrive97 provided is for minecraft 1.2.5, I tested it. Though it needs mysql set for this.
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    Oops, I will see if I can get a 1.3.1 / 1.3.2 server out soon..
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    I'd be careful downloading executable files from non-official sources. Not to mention that such a pack could easily be against Bukkit's or some developer's TOS/licenses.
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    but if some one gets him a premade server...he will probably just come back and ask for help to edit it. with mcmyadmin he can easily edit the permissions in real time
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    thanks for the reactions.
    yes i think thats maby true but i know what files i can edit..
    but i had multiple plugins and more files had the permission thing, but none were filled in..
    so i was thinking.. when i have the file all ready, i can use it as example and learn from it..

    maby someone could give me the permissions.yml and a list of the plugins your using then..?
    but i understand some people dont even use the permissions.yml?

    if you got the time cookie it would be great!
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    You need to learn how to do this yourself, we are here to assist however I highly doubht that any one will do this for you. Many permissions.yml holders are strictly personalized, and is also a breach in the server's security. Here is lots of links to thread's for the ultimate guide to permissions, Permissions for beginers and some permissions FAQ. to get you started.
    Furthermore I highly recommend that you research you're plugins and look for the necessary documentation for the permissions for the plugin. We are here to help, but hot to serve everything on a silver platter
    Starting up links



    Perms FAQ
    PEX Link's
    PEX Super noob friendly

    Bpermissions Links

    Here are other permissions plugins out there for you to choose as a option. :)

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    sharing a permision file i agree is a breach in secerity im sure some players would love to know some things running in the background to how things tick. some players are always looking for an advantage over others and want to cheat

    also i recommend groupmanager. its what i been using
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    Nope! hroupmanager has bugs, and is incompatable with many plugins
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    completely wrong.

    name one bug or one incompatability.
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    necrodoom sorry to say i cant think on top of my head but there are a few, just a few theres been hiccups on a few plugins. i think lavafurance is one.
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    Evey plugin I know of has a small bug in them, Werther it be a simple plugins like mop or commandblock. (first thing that comes of of my head)
    When it comes with essentials, it has a ton load of stuff inside it so it may conflict with other plugins, sometimes it may not and thats a good thing, Others have serious implications I wont note all of them.
    All im saying is (as I know I will be yelled at and get angry emails) That essentials is a good plugin as a starter, but you will need to realize that there are some commands and features, that the average admin/user/server does not need in its single jar. And some plugins have this feature that they want only, I first tried essentials back in 1.8 and it was full of stuff I saw I had no need for, however It has some useful stuff in it, it was also the first plugin (some what) that introduce me about permissions.

    Never the less you are entitled to your point of view and I respect that, however simply arguing and being hardheaded will get any discussion no where.

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    we are talking about groupmanager here..?

    all im saying that if you are going to diss a plugin, atleast get some proofs about it.

    bluehasia EDIT: tested and the lavafurnace sign worked fine, plugin developer said its working aswell, in comments.
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