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    Rightio, so knowing that NO-ONE can make any of my suggestions... Here goes one that should be easy as crap...

    Plugin category: FUN/ADMN/CHAT

    Suggested name: EzyPrefix

    What I want: I would like this plugin to have Prefixes :) (compatible with factions >:D) So, basically, it wouldn't be an ranking system, just prefiexes :D So if you think someone on your server is awesome you can give them a prefix called: [Awesome-badass] or something. So, as you can see no rank/perms involved, but only OP can use it. can also I would like the Prefixes to have colour compatability; as in; &b[&4Awesome&0-&4badass&b] :D which would turn out like this: [Awesome-badass] so yeh :Dn it would be so amazing to do that :) cause at the moment, im making my admins nicks to: Admin_Tom etc. lol. and I would like it to be compatible with factions so: [faction tag][prefix][name] also compatible with nicknames.
    Ideas for commands: /eprefix [player] [prefix]

    Ideas for permissions: None....

    When I'd like it by: When you finish it :)
    -_Husky_- np98765

    JOPHESTUS Please have a look if you can make :)
    md_5 Maybe can you make dis?
    -_Husky_- Can you make this maybeee
    np98765 Can you see if you can make it? :)

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    Permissions EX can make Chat Prefixes for each Group, invluding color codes wirh chat Manager.
    perhaps this helps out.
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    set the per user prefix using your permission plugin?
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    What chat system are you using?
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    +1 any help on PermissionsBukkit
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    What you mean? Except i don't want to use permissions i just want a prefix plugin..
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    FAYZRarzie. Since you got Bpermissions the other day you can already use Prefixes
    You set them in your Permissions config (or with commands in game)

    To actually see them you simply need a Chat plugin that has the option of showing them (Essentialschat, Herochat, Ichat)

    I can definitely help you with this. if you could please tell us what plguins you Already have

    There are definitely already many different options for your prefixing. so you wont need a new plugin created.
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    I think i've got EssentialsChat cause I have Essentials :) I also have Factions and PvPTitles (Which I don't care about those prefixes, they are just to show off how good of PvP'ers they are with /ladder :D) But I want a plugin that ONLY has what I've said... It shouldn't be hard.
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    FAYZRarzie it's not that it's hard it's that it's extremely pointless.

    Several of these plugins already exist and you already have the plugins you need to do this on your server with no upgrades.

    In your Essentials Config make it Show prefixes and Suffixes, Factions Tag will stay there along with it.
    You set the prefixes on your players or on their groups in Bpermissions/Group Manager.

    It's all written up in their respective info pages. Peace out.
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    Took me so long to read the first like without commas.. :p
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    just put a prefix in the permissions plugin permissions file.. why you refuse to do that?
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    What are the 7?
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    BUT instead of getting all this permission stuff all I want is a plugin that JUST has Prefixes and doesnt need another plugin to support it..
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    but you ALREADY have a permission plugin..?

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