Problem/Bug Predictably, BukkitDev linking no longer works

Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by lol768, Dec 16, 2016.

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    Can't imagine this is going to be a very high priority issue, but as expected the BukkitDev linking doesn't work anymore following the change to use Elerium.

    I tried being clever and attempting the verification with "lol768/../../members/lol768" as my username but I think it's looking for a specific element on the page rather than just a substring.

    @ZeldoKavira might be familiar with how this works.

    As I said on IRC, it's probably easier to just use the cookies sent by the browser to an FBO page, since they appear to be set on the root domain rather than Would remove the need to change signature.
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    @lol768 the system that allows you to link accounts in the first place has been broken for months. I doubt it will be fixed.
  3. @Tecno_Wizard Hopefully now BukkitDev changed the linking can work properly, I guess we'll see
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    I'll be working on getting this fixed up for the new site after the new year. I know it's been flaky for the last month or so, we were planning on bringing them over before hand and didn't have bandwidth to throw at this.
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