Pre-Made GroupManager groups.yml File

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Did my pre-made groups.yml file help you?

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    Many beginner server owners have trouble with the tricky groups.yml file, and just can't finish with the file configuring and move on with the rest of the server work. Here is a file to help those people out, a pre-made GroupManager groups.yml file.

    It will include permissions for Essentials, AutoMessage, Factions, Survival Games, Multiverse Portal Access, and MobArena and allows players to build. Replace your plugins>GroupManager>worlds>world>groups.yml file with this and configure it how you like.

    Here is the link to it:

    Also, I apologize if I am posting in the wrong category. I am quite new to these forums.
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    can we talk so u can teach me how to make one?
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    people should make their own groups.yml, not copy off other people. that teaches them nothing, and just leads to more problems. that, along with errors in the file, such as invalid nodes and ignorance of permissions already given from globalgroups.
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    Actually, by seeing and "copy/pasta" you can learn a lot if you just take you take to read the stuff. But yes if you just paste in and then see if it works, you will learn nothing :)
    I have learned a lot of html/css from just making pasta.

    And in-topic: Thank you kind person.
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    how ever not if the code is slightly wrong, some of the nodes there are invalid, and need fixing.
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    I apologize. I had somebody accidentally opped for a few seconds.. And for some reason, while he was opped, he created the group "Derek" and did something. I didn't know about that until after I posted this.

    It's not hard at all :p

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    i meant the 2 invalid nodes on the file:
    - essentials unbanip
    - essentials.i

    also, you are ignoring permissions given from your globalgroups.
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    This is for your own configuration k?
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    Necrodoom this is a post that people can configure themselves.
    its not a straight out copy-past-use
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    xXSilverswordXx then he could at least TRY make it correct.
    Follow the groupmanager wiki.
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    Necrodoom i have used this as a base and created 30 ranks out of it without using a tutorial, so it made my life a whole load easier. Ive removed the default perms so i can re-write my own and its working well
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