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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by nightcrawler601, Jul 28, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Fixes

    Suggested name: PTCommand

    What I want: I would like a plugin that can block certain (specified) commands done by powertool, for instance; the config(.yml) file would look like:

    - nuke

    that would make it so players cant execute /powertool nuke command. I also want a customizable message to be said when a player tries to execute a blocked command. (and, if possible, make it so I can block a command with 3-4 args, for instance; /powertool give nightcrawler601 10 1)

    Please do also add aliases of powertool to the plugin: /powertool, /pt, /epowertool, /ept, /essentials:powertool, /essentials:pt, /essentials:epowertool, /essentials:ept

    Ideas for commands: /ptcommand reload

    Ideas for permissions: ptcommand.reload

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.
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    Try essentials
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    There is a plugin, known as "Essentials", that can perform what you described, including the exact same commands/aliases.
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    He wants to block certain powertools.
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    My apologies, didn't fully read the OP's request.
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    I run a free op server sir, I know every bit of each plugin its running on including Essentials. If that was possible to be done with it I would have already googled it and found the right result instead of being here. Either help me or don't even try to act smart.
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    I wasn't trying to insinuate anything, I simply did not fully read your initial request and based on the title alone I made a suggestion.
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    Disabled-commands thingy in the essentials config.yml
    Issue solved!
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    stoneminer02 as far as I see he wants to disable commands from being /powertooled but being able to be used normally fine, something which can't be done by essentials alone currently.
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    Try out MyCommands.
    It'll override.
    I don't exactly use it but I know it can be used as of I played on PixelMC's free op and they uses/used it.
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    stoneminer02, Then teach me how to use it, since you "recommended" this plugin.
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    You kinda sound like a dick... He gave you the plugin name, now Google and figure it out
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    EgyptianKing, I don't personally like having some shitty plugins that have shit tons of features which I don't like nor seem to need at all. I 'requested' for a plugin for a reason, I want to either have a lightweight plugin that does its job as ordered, or rather have nothing than waste of space and servers load time.

    EgyptianKing, stoneminer02, looks like theres no such section in that plugin, as I said its a shitty plugin with shit tons of not-needed features. There are 10 config files about player data and commands which are really complicated. There are no tutorials for specific thing im looking for.

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    You can always try to code it yourself, since you seem to be a developer and for some reason have the audacity to call another plugin shitty when the plugin you've coded is very generic and requires very little Java knowledge. Here, I'll even give you a pseudocode:

    Get the args for when a player types /powertool. If args[0] is nuke, then just return and send the sender a message.

    Use the OR logical operator to add aliases (if(cmd.getName().equalignorecase("powertool") || cmd.getName().equalignorsecase("pt"))

    Or you can completely disregard my post and wait for another dev to kindly help you out with your request.
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  17. I think this should be closed. He behaves like an asshat.
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    No, I was trying to learn coding in java and made that plugin. Java is the reason most of us are having lag issues, crashes, bugs. Wish it was coded in a better known programming language such as C++.
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    Kleinerminer He does, you should see the private messages he sent me

    I was basically telling him to be nicer and he follows up with calling me a "dumb fuck" right before i was going to give him the link to the plugin he requested
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    Locked. Please feel free to recreate a new thread if and when you're ready to not be straight up rude to other members of the community.
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