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    So, my idea, something similar to the rpg games, mostly like the witcher potions:

    You craft a potion on a workbench, put a bucket, some herbs, maybe some of mob drops, you follow a given recipe. Then, you craft it, pretty much like any iten, the output iten would be a bucket, maybe a milk buket, to avoid problems.
    Each potion would assign a data value to the milk bucket, when player use it, he would be grant life regeneration over time, insta life regen, god mode, super jump, would have better atack, better defense, his blade would deal more damage to mobs, to other humans, he could brief underwater... He would be able to make poisoned potions to fool other people. All kind of those common rpg games stuff.

    It would be fun, rp servers would be able to make alchemist class, people could sell their potions, etc etc etc.
    Anybody interested?

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