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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by SlayerMarth101, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Can someone potentially make me a plugin that allows potion to be stacked? Same with water bottles.
    Along with that, I'd like them to be stacking inside hoppers, brewing stands, etc.

    For commands, just something like /pot to turn it on and off. But when you leave the server, if it's turned on, it won't automatically turn off.

    As far as permission nodes, I'd like one for the command, and then some to specify how many potions a person can stack. For instance, if I were to give default members something like "potion.stack.8" they can only stack 8 potions. Whereas if I give myself "potion.stack.20" I can stack up to 20.

    I'd prefer to have it as soon as possible, but I'm in no rush if someone is willing to do it, I'm grateful.
    If you have further questions or specification that I may not have mentioned, let me know.
    Thank you all for your time. :)

    - Slayer


    Just to clarify a few points. I want the pots to be stackable in all containers. If they go through hoppers, they don't destack and transfer 1 by 1. If they go from a hopper to a brewing stand, they hold their stack unless the /pot command was disabled.
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    Sounds cool I will give it a try on Wednesday, if anyone wants to make it before me go ahead!
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    Pumped to see this one get made!
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    *Quick Bump*
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    Were you still doing this?

    Also, *bump* if anyone can do it. Anyone at all.
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    If it helps my thirst plugin allow you to do this as a side
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    I can give it a shot when I get home, although I sort of want a plugin solely dedicated to doing exactly this. :(
    That way nothing game changing really happens, and if something breaks or alters the feel of my server, I know exactly where to go.

    Other than that,
    *bump* Anybody?
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