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    Plugin: On a configured world I want a potion to be permanent for everyone. So anyone in the world would have the potion effect. I want them to have it instantly on login/join of the world.

    commands example:
    /potion set night_vision spawn (/potion (plugin name) set (to set potion type) night_vision (potion name) spawn (world)
    /potion list (names of all potions)

    Config file:
    Nothing specific

    None needed as it should apply to everyone but example could be:
    potion.have (allowed to have all potion effects)
    potion.have.(name) (allowed to use potion(s) listed with this perm)
    potion.use (allowed to set potion effects on world(s)

    Thank you to anyone that can make this.
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    I will start making this
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    it seems i will not be able to finish it soon so sorry i cant do it

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