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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by ZeldoKavira, Dec 9, 2014.

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    Sorry if this was already pointed out. Instead of it saying "Tag User" it says "Tahg User"
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    When your profile is set to not show your online status, you still show up in the "Members Online Now" box located on the main page.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @TreeDB Open a second browser that isn't logged in and see there if it still shows.
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    Log in does not work when using safari on OS X 10.12 (macOS Sierra) , I'm not sure if this is a bug on the forums side or the OS's side as the OS is currently in a very unrefined state.
  7. @tcwolf12 I can login using iOS 9.3.2, try clearing your cache and cookies. Should fix the issue.
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    @tcwolf12, this is a longstanding issue with cookies becoming corrupt. It's kind of upsetting that it hasn't been fixed yet. Either clear all your cookies or just the bukkit cookies and you will be able to log in.
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    OS X 10.12 is a beta release with a newer version of safari, I think the issue may be on the OS side at this point as I'm noticing Java Script issues on multiple websites at this point. It's really strange as clicking the login button just makes it reload the page with out logging in. I logged in on another browser and somehow safari signed in after that.
    Additionally: Other sites are exhibiting similar behaviors so I'm certain it's a bug of the platform and not bukkit.
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