Possibly a recode?

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Greekmaster, Jan 17, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Fun
    Suggested name: Bot1v1

    What I want:
    I want a recode of a existing plugin that lets you actually pvp with a bot that haves easy medium and hard mode the plugin already exists but is in spanian and doesnt seem to work for me here is the video link :
    also i want more options like set the selector gui name and color of glass in gui also fix the bug that you can get the glass from gui

    Ideas for commands:
    /botpos1 -> Set the player pos
    /botpos2 ->set the bot pos
    /botset1v1 ->set the waiting lobby
    /botsetquit ->set the quit lobby when you die kill the bot e.t.c
    /selector -> spawn the selector npc
    /bot -> join the bot mode
    That commands already exist to the plugin so i dont think its hard to recode this

    Ideas for permissions:
    bot.admin have all commands
    bot.player have the /bot command and of course you can play
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