Possible Fix To 1.3.1 Multiplayer Lag (Read!)

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    I've been doing some tests on our community server after updating to 1.3.1, due to clients complaining of massive amounts of block lag. The server hardware and connection isn't the issue, and the clients machines aren't either. I began taking plugins out and disabling features one by one, and something stuck out like a sore thumb. Orebfuscator. Since removing it, the lag has disappeared completely. I then put it back in and asked clients for feedback, and the lag had returned. Due to the high number of servers who use this plugin, I thought I'd post this to warn you. Try taking it out, and ask your players for feedback. Maybe this fix will work for you! :) Hope this helped.
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    Did you make sure you read through the documentation extensively, and ensured your configuration is correct?

    Have you brought up your concerns with the developer? I use Orebfuscator myself, and rather enjoy the plugin.
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    Check the changelog for the latest version of Orebfuscator. It says something about emergency fix for lag problems.

    Orebfuscator is a very resource demanding plugin. It will always be first or second laggiest plugin on your list, but it's damn well worth it. I refuse to run my server without it. You can set the InitialRadius option to 2 (default is 1) so players see less 'fake' ores when mining but this will make it use more CPU power.
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    I took off Orebfuscator and all my lag is gone.
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    Updated your Orebfuscator.
    "Emergency fix, fixed client-side graphical lag caused by having too many air blocks.
    This fix allows servers to re-enable AntiTexturePackAndFreecam without players with low-end computers suffering lag."
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    Doesn't work. Still lags.
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    Orebfuscator has always lagged almost any server that uses it, it's very resource heavy and I wouldn't recommend it unless you have plenty available. However if it's only happening with 1.3 and with Orebfuscator installed then it could be unrelated to that.

    That sounds more like a fix for client side FPS lag, not server lag.
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