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    Plugin category: Teleportation and Mechanics

    Suggested name: PortalTeleport

    What I want:
    I need a plugin that works a little different than most random teleport plugins ("Random Coordinates" is a good example of a standard random teleport plugin). I would use this plugin; however, people like me run their server with multiple super-massive islands (I have a total of five). So if I were to use a normal random teleport I would use the sign or portal and it would take me to any random spot on the map. I want my players to be able to random teleport to an island of their choice. So what I want to be able to do is link a region to a portal and not like the entire world to one portal. Each island would have it's own portal.

    - You can't spawn in lava or in the ocean.
    - You spawn above sand, dirt, or leaves (obviously the block below you would become glass)
    - The radius between spawn points is 40
    - safe teleport (if they are suffocating they teleport to the surface)
    - I'd like to be able to make portals but signs will do if portals are too much

    Ideas for commands:
    /portal create [number/name] (creates a portal)
    /portal link [number/name] (sets where the portal should roughly take you or what island to take you to)
    /portal [number/name] radius (sets portal radius)

    Ideas for permissions:
    portal.create (access to create)
    portal.link (access to linking)
    portal.radius (access to changing radius)

    When I'd like it by: As Soon As Possible
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    Could you please explain this better? I read this three times and didn't get the idea.
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    The idea has been dramatically updated.
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    Does the idea still need rewording?
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    So, @LeCastlecrafter , I have made a plugin in the past that allows you to place blocks to signal a portal. Then you can place receiver blocks that act as a target to the portal. For example if you have a portal area you will randomly be teleported to a certain receiver block. Do you want this plugin? It basically does everything you wanted.
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    All Of This Is SO EASY Multiverse-Portals HAS EVERYTHING You Want
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    @GapplesEdge no it dont has random locations in specific areas as output..
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    That will do the trick. I would greatly appreciate that.
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    Ok sweet I'll upload it tomorrow when I go on my computer.

    EDIT: uploading today.
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    How do I access it? It's not in your plugin list.
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    I still need it dude.
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