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    Plugin category: Administration

    Suggested name: PortalCommandz

    What I want: A simple plugin which executes command in a region we saved using world edit which would be great for a portal so if we select a portal and save that location, it executes command if someone walks into it. Make it so it's compatible with water and nether portal!

    Ideas for commands: /pcz create (command) - creates portal for the world edit region we selected!

    Ideas for permissions: portalcommand.use (for players which enters in portal) | portalcommand.create (for admins to create portal)

    When I'd like it by: 3rd March

    Thank you! :D
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    I think it's a pretty useless plugin. I'm sure there are already plugin for it. Take a look at VariableTriggers, with it you can do it absolultely.
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    @bazsi700 Variabletriggers is pretty confusing and also there's no working commandportal plugin available...

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