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    Hey guys,

    I'm currently playing on a server that it very anti-griefing; unfortunately that means that, in order to prevent people griefing by spawning portals in peoples houses, or using those portals to get inside protected zones, etc, the ability to create personal portals is currently disabled.

    Now my question/request; would it be possible to make a SMP mod that allows only certain people to make normal portals, while preventing anyone from off that list from doing so?

    Because obviously some people can be trusted, and some cannot, and it seems silly to limit something that is such an integral part of normal gameplay.

    So is it possible, could it be done, does it already exist, maybe?

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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    It is possible!

    However there may be better options:
    • Portals can only be created with flint and steel - they can't be created for another portal
    • Portals will not spawn in protected areas
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    Are you asking from a players perspective or a admin's perspective? The NoPortals plugin will prevent portals from being created who doesnt have permission... It sounds like the server you are on already has that plugin or a similar plugin..... if you are asking from a admins perspective simply create a new group, put all your "trusted" players in that group and give them the ability to create portals.

    The plugin I am speaking of is http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/noportals/

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