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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by okChild, Apr 8, 2021.

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    I''ve been having lots of trouble latelty allowing others to join my Minecraft server. First of all, I've done this before and had my server up for years but recently has redo the port forwarding due to a new ISP. The issue is that the router (eero by YouFibre) only allows for configurations on the application, it gives me the ability to ch ange 'IPv6 Firewall Rules' and 'IPv4 Reservations and Port Forwarding' in a very simple way.
    20210408_211151.jpg 20210408_211305.jpg 20210408_211326.jpg
    I've uploaded 3 images with the settings I'm given to change. I'm using the same Linux machine as before so I shouldn't have had to change anything there.
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    Off topic but we can see your IP
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    That is just a private IP. We cannot use it for anything.
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