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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Puggles, Oct 26, 2012.

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    I am going to create a 1.4.2 server for some friends of mine and myself to play on, when the 1.4.2 jar comes out.

    So I was wondering if I can get a complete tutorial on how to port forward my server once I get it up.

    If you can do this it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Well, port forwarding is done via your router, so there is no universal tutorial on port forwarding. If you have a Thompson router, I know how to port forward that, but if not, then search YouTube for port forwarding tutorials for your router, or make another thread like this with your router in the title, so people who know how to do it can post.
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    What computer do you have. If you have a Mac I could do so. :)
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    I have a Windows computer. And I'm not sure about the router.
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    Check your router then, and see what the make is.
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    Quest 5000

    Or something like that.
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    How to port forward:

    2) Go to
    3) Enter your username and password (NOTE: THE DEFAULT IS "User: admin Pass: password")
    4) Click on Port Forwading / Port Triggering
    5) Click on Custom Service
    6) Enter your server name on 'name'
    7) Leave the 'type' alone
    8) Enter Starting por:t 25565 End port: 25565
    9) open CMD and type "ipconfig"
    10) Copy the iPv4 adress and put it on the ip adress (Note: not your server)
    11) Click add/done and test it with the default gate way adress for your connection/ Ip
    12) HAVE FUN! Or ELSE
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    Do I have to do anything with my router by doing this? And my mind is blank,what does CMD stand for? :eek: And which ip adress do you mean in the bold?
  10. I have Chrome and it works great for portforwardig

    ok If you have WIN7
    Click the little widows button in the bottom left conrer and then type CMD in the shearch box
    a black box will pop up and tpye "ipconfig" you will see IPV4 and IPV6 conncet with the IPV4 when you wanna join your server

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    So does it require me to physically fiddle around with the router aswell?
  12. No you should Not even have to touch your router :)
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    Okay cool. Thanks! I understand this now.

    Any idea when a beta or dev version for 1.4.2 of bukkit will be out?
  14. I have been talking to my Friend "mbaxter" and He has no idea about that I have been trying to help the bukkit team with little success
    But it is really cool that you have Gotten the hang of PortForwarding :D
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    Well I actually haven't done it yet. But I understand what I have to do now.
    I'm waiting for 1.4.2 to come out, since I started the world in single player already in 1.4, so i've gotten bored of making the spawn town pretty.

    But if I have any more problems when I'm starting the server up, Ill post in this topic.
  16. Don't worry it is easy and take a few seconds and Feel Free to PM Me if you need more help!
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    The link is sending me to nothing. Page not found
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    Just go to Google and type in 'How to portfoward Minecraft'
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    (1) goto
    (2) copy the ip
    (3) paste it in the search bar (not google, bing, yahoo)
    (4) Your Username: admin Your Password: password (READ: if it doesn't work type your rounter SSID and Pass)
    (5) Click Application & gaming or portfoward TCP/UDP (READ: might be different)
    (6) Name: Minecraft External: 25565 Internal: 25565 Protocol: TCP/UDP or BOTH
    (7) Now for the final is IP, don't use the current ip. Click Start on your desktop and enter CMD (don't worry)
    (8) type in ipconfig (NOSPACE)
    (9) Scroll down to Wireless Lan, then copy the ipV4: 192.168.1.*** (Don't copy the example)
    (10) put in the ip in the port 192.168.1.(***)
    (11) Click Finish or Save or Done
    (12) Open your server
    (13) goto
    (14) Enter Port 25565
    (15) see if it say Error or Success
    NOTE: Use the ip given to you in, Friends can connect to your server
    (16) and finally, pull out a potato and say POTATOES! SUCCESS!
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    What search bar thats not google/bing/yahoo? And where can i find to get to step 4? The username.. How do I get to the page which asks this :eek:
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    If you're using Windows, open up start and search "cmd" then press enter.

    Next, type "ipconfig /all" and scroll up to "Default Gateway". Open your browser and enter that address into your address bar. This should open your router's admin panel. You're responsible for knowing the login to your router.

    Most routers come with the default username "Admin" and the default password "password". Once you get in find the port forwarding section for your browser. Create a new service for your server then go back to the cmd prompt and grab your "IPv4" address.

    Now, enter that address as the forwarding IP and enter your server port and the port you'd like to open. Be sure to set it to TCP/UDP if you'd like to enable querying on your server as well.

    Should work then.
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    Nvm xD

    So I typed the number in my browser, but it takes me to a page showing my router stuff, no username/password, and no portforwarding section. Just modem status, quick setup, wireless setup, utilities, and advanced setup.

    Which one?
    edit: So basically I think I was already signed in.. So the things in bold are the only things thatshowed up, I can't find portforwarding though.

    You there?

    I'm using Qwest by the way...And I dont see any applications gaming/portforwarding..
    Just configs

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    Try the advanced setup section, I'm sure there's some nice little port forwarding options in there.
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    Theres blocking, broadband settings, IP addressing, QoS, Remote Management, routing, and security.

    Oh! Hold up! under security I see advanced port forwarding
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    Okay, give me the name of your router with the model # to make this a little easier for the both of us. Otherwise, we'll be stuck here playing the guessing game :p
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    Read my edited post ^-^

    And it has this on it "
    1. Set the LAN port and IP information.
    Starting Port:
    Ending Port:
    LAN IP Address:

    2. Set the Remote Port and IP Information. (Optional)
    Starting Port:
    Ending Port:
    Set Remote IP Address: ( will use any IP Address)

    3. Click "Apply" to save your changes.


    Its under secrutity>advanced port forwarding.. Im using Qwest.. By the way, its totally free to port forward right?

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    Okay great, there should be somewhere where you can click to add new services. Add a new service then specify the port of your server and forward it on your IPv4 address. Make sure you forward on both the TCP and UDP.

    1. Set the LAN port and IP information.
    Starting Port: 25565
    Ending Port: 25565
    Protocol: TCP/UDP
    LAN IP Address: IPv4 (replace this with your actual IPv4 address)

    Click apply. Lol, as long as you pay your internet bill every month you shouldn't have to pay anything else to do something as simple as port forwarding.
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    Okay theres some other writing in the step 2 part. Should I leave it there?
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    Leave that blank. Once you've gotten all the info entered click apply, then head over to That's the IP that you need to give to people in order for them to be able to connect. You on the other hand can connect with "localhost", "", or any other local address alias.
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    Okay! Its totally free though right? I wont have to pay Qwest for setting this up? xD Sorry im such a noob.

    Hey I have to go.. I'll be back in like an hour, and if I have any other troubles, Ill let you know!

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