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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Poltergeist

    What I want: I would like a plugin that implements a basic poltergeist function into minecraft

    If a player breaks a block in the nether, at the same coordinates the block was broken, the server will break the same block in the overworld in the same location. If a player places a block in the nether, the server will place the same block in the overworld the same location the block was originally placed. (This would also apply for the nether)

    I would also like it so you can configure whether or not this effect works in both dimensions (nether -> overworld, overworld -> nether, etc) I would also like a configuration where you can change what blocks are created from nether to overworld, overworld to nether (ex. If a player places water in the overworld, then the water will be placed as lava, or if dirt is placed in the overworld then netherrack is placed)

    I would also like a block blacklist (ex. If water is placed in the overworld, then lava will be placed in the nether. however, flowing lava cannot be placed using this effect so the lava will have to flow naturally without the help of flowing water in the overworld)

    Oh, and if its possible can you also make it so if mobs and tnt destroy blocks, then the same effect would be applied? I would also like a toggle configuration for this too

    Ideas for commands: /ptg reload

    Ideas for permissions: poltergeist.reload

    When I'd like it by: A week or two in not in a big hurry
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @kirbsrob You do know that if you place 2 portals on 16 blocks distance in the nether that it will be 128 blocks in the overworld? How do you want to deal with that?
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    Perhaps make 4 blacklist tags in the configuration file, naturallyplaced, naturallydestroyed, playerplaced, playerdestroyed.

    In this case, obsidian, and nether portal frames would be under the tags, naturallyplaced, and playerplaced, disallowing any obsidian blocks that were created naturally or were created by a player to be created using this effect
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    @kirbsrob What if you place a block in the nether and it happens to be someones house in the reg. world? then what
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    then the block that was placed in the nether is placed on the house, replacing the house blocks
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    @kirbsrob Dude, that would be a major troll
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    Look at his profile picture.
    Now your comment.
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