[Poll] Will you use Bukkit Plugin Studio? (for developers)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Killie01, Dec 6, 2011.


Would u use?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe

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    @Killie01 @Mitch528 @thehutch @Unleash ur Geek
    are working on a Bukkit plugin development dedicated IDE
    we want to know if people will use it. that's why i'll bring up the features and ask you.
    please also give feedback if you are(n't) gonna use it.

    SOURCE: https://github.com/killie01/Plugin-Studio/tree/master/BPS

    • Office 2010 design.
    • Testing tools:
      • Our plugin and the IDE make sure you never have to restart for testing, just click 'play'.
      • More needed?
    • Error and Warning system like every IDE
    • Pretty much instant Intellisense.
    • Library Updater
    • Automatic updates
    • Javadocs intergrated
    • Plugin.yml Generator, Edit Gui.
    • Compiling is done with javac.
    • Project-setup with auto dependency chooser (Craftbukkit, Bukkit, Vault, Register already implemented).
    • When you want to put a command in your playerListener, just press a button and choose the command / add the command to the list, and it'll generate code like (example):
    • Party programming
    if (cmd.equalsIgnoreCase("command"))
    //code here
    • More features...
    • Lightwheight and bukkit only.
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    You'll never be able to reach the level of usability of existing IDE's.
    Consider writing a plugin for an existing IDE.
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    Lord Chaos

    If I knew what it was, then I could answer the question.
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    no, we're far enough, and this might be fun and helpfull for new developers.
    it's an Eclipse like program. for programming plugins
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    Really? awwww, maaaaan -.-
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    Does it work in linux?
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    can be changed.
    java version will come later

    what Nope?
    give a post some text man....
    and i know we will never get the extensibility.
    but we will have a plugin API and party programming intergrated soon enough.

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    mhm I don't think so. As Vhab already said, you can't reach the same level of usability. Plus, what makes this IDE better then others (Eclipse)? Some auto-generation of a few much-used functions or scripts? Not worth the effort, sorry.
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    Nope. NetBeans >(^9000) this.
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    I won't use it for personal use but I will be happy to test it out. Would be very helpful for new devs.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Why not just develop plugins for the existing IDEs to do the minor additions you're planning like plugin.yml generation?
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    Why re-invent the wheel? There are two that do great jobs. You're much better off doing plugins for eclipse and netbeans that make the whole process way easier. That would be better for new plugin writers than a new IDE that will have to go through all the debugging that the established IDE's have already done.
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    either i use netbeans or I use a custom build script

    so i would not be using this
  15. Nope. Intellij 11 >> some strange ide that will never be as good as any other ide
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    Thanks for the feedback, i dont care if its negative.
    It can help us make this thing, and i dont expect experienced developers to use this.
    it's for new developers so they dont need to ask for help all the time, etc.
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    I think that it would be a great idea if you can get it to work! And it is obviously possible because the makers of eclipse did it, so why can't you (I know they were probably a big company tho...) however, I do agree, mabie start off making an eclipse & netbeans plugin so people can see the features then if people like it make your own IDE. Anyway, whatever you do, GOOD LUCK!!!
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    thanks, we might make an eclipse plugin, i don't know java like i know c# though
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    There might be an added benefit to knowing java when creating a java IDE.
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    we're not making it in java, we're using c# and ikvm
    and i did not say i do not know java, i just dont know it as good as c#
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    I'll use this, if it works good. +
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    Sry, but can't see this working.
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    I didn't say you were.
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    Im not re-inventing the wheel. This is just to help people.
    And if making another version of an existing program is re-inventing, then go hunt them all, there are lot's of IDEs and such.
    if you dont need it, ok, but dont come with: make a plugin for this and that.
    We already started a week ago. And progress is pretty good so far.
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    If it were a plugin for an existing IDE I would definitely download it, but being a whole new IDE, it can be nowhere as good as existing ones.
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    wrong, new things can be better than existing ones...
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    I'm a newbie at java. I'd use it.
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    Better than an actively developed IDE by a team of dozens of professionals over a period of several years?

    There's a difference between being optimistic and just being naive.
    Unfortunately you seem to be exhibiting the symptoms of the latter, which is not a good character trait for a developer to have.
    You'd likely receive a lot more support if you showed a more realistic view and accept the limitations of what a small team can accomplish in their spare time.

    I can't think of any expression more suitable for creating a new IDE than "reinventing the wheel".
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    And may I point out that you ASKED. When some replied that they wouldn't use it, you asked us to be more forthcoming.

    There is at least two very well developed IDE's with dozens of plugins that extend functionality. You would get a similar response if you said you were going to develop a new word processor or browser. Yes you can do it and do it better, but if you want to match the existing IDE's for functionality, you've got a lot more than a few weeks of work ahead of you.
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