[POLL] Simplistic or feature rich?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by hawkfalcon, Jun 21, 2012.


Simplistic or feature-rich?

  1. Simplistic

  2. Features!!!!!!!!!

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    Hello! I am the Author of http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mac-only-autobukkitserver-easy.76488/ which is a simplistic program, only for macs, which allows you to set up your own server very easily. However, ALL it does is install the server, it doesn't set up anything else. Would it be better to keep it that way or add more features and options?

    Please vote!

    Note to staff: this was intended to be within my post on my autobukkitserver app, but it would not let me make a poll. Feel free to move this if you want. :)
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    Well? Do you prefer it if something is very simple or if it has a lot of options?
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    Seems nice for Mac users to make a server easily, nice job :D.
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    I don't use mac, but I'd say maybe have 2 versions, as simple and advanced?
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    Hmm maybe.
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    Ugh it's a tie. More voting needed.
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