Question [POLL] Should Fly Be Allowed in Factions?

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Is fly in the factions world fair?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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    Ok. So I got the Factions plugin and I know that there are some servers that allow fly in the factions world. I want to know if I should allow fly in my server in factions. Please respond to this poll.

    In the comments please tell me why you chose your answer.

    Thank you!
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    Depends on what type of server you'd want to run and what type of restrictions you may want to add. You can make it so that if they're engaged in PvP then fly is disabled. Mob farming is a lot easier when flying, and depending on other features or plugins on your server, allowing flying can make or break your server.
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    Yes but players could abuse this by using /f map all the time in fly mode.

    I could probably disable it in fly mode, but they col use fly and land in another location, turn off fly, and do /f map

    "allowing flying can make or break your server." That really made me nervous.

    I'm developing a factions server, but I haven't let the public use it yet. I'm trying to kinda perfect it before opening it.

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