[POll] Is LogMeIn Hamachi Good For Starters To Host A Server?

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Is LogMeIn Hamachi A Good Way For Starters To Host A Server

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    Please Vote!
  2. Port-forwarding will always be best, in my opinion.
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    There is no reason to use Hamachi. Everyone can portforward. And it will give you so many more players!
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    Nope. its horrible and totally unnecessary.
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    Depends on your definition of "starter"
    I would say yes, but then again I have a lot of experience with people who would have to be shown step by step how to port forward.
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    but then again, if the basics of port fowarding are beyond someones ability...running a server may be biting off more than they can chew.

    I mean it as no offense to anyone, I assure you. But hear me out.
    if the task of forwarding your ports is beyond your scope of technical knowledge, then most of bukkit, plugin setup/troubleshooting issues, knowing how to report plugin bugs correctly so you are not just posting in threads slowing the dev down trying to figure out what your talking about, and general server day to day activities will be a nightmare for someone.

    It would be akin (to me anyway) to someone going "im not quite sure how to use a toolset, but do you think rebuilding my cars engine on my own would be a good idea"

    if you dont know the bare basics of how the tools you use to do the work, then the job itself will be an uphill battle.

    Id say study up on port forwarding, understand what ports are, how it ties into a server, why you need to port forward. look up how much bandwidth its going to suck up (to hopefully avoid more 'why do we lag so bad with 5 people? i have a 1Mb upload!!!' post) and start from there.

    If you know how to port forward, but aren't allow (not your router, it's someone else in your house) then maybe running a server isn't for you to start with. because it WILL slam your network quality after a few people, and whoever it is that isn't letting you forward wont be happy :)

    I in no way am discouraging someone from learning and starting one. but you dont know how many random 'guests' join my server and either tell me
    "hey admin! test my server with me! hamachi IP 5.1.1.whatever",
    "hey admin, check out my cool server, ip!!!"
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    I can port foward, it's just the fact that I'm not allowed to. Because of the fact that 6 other people are on the network and sensitive data is on alot of the computers, I cannot start the server on the same ip as the network. (The network uses the same IP for all the computers because of NAT). I'm thinking of using DMZ to assign the computer that will host the server another IP, different from the rest of the computers. I have one question left also, Is it possible that users theat connect to the server will be able in anyway to get access to the sensitive data?
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    If you're using a DSL router and hardware firewall, you should be fine.

    People that threaten hacks on this game are full of shit.
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    You're not allowed to forward a port for Minecraft for security reasons, but you are allowed to install Hamachi, and thus bypassing the security features of your router/firewall. Lol, makes perfect sense. Not.
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    They made the basics of running the server too easy, so really anyone can do it.

    "im not quite sure how to use a toolset, but do you think rebuilding my cars engine on my own would be a good idea"
    Haha thats actually a good example of a lot of the posts in this forum.
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    Can this be on the forum home page?
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    Because the computer I'm allowed to run it on is mine, because the only data I consider worth protecting, is all the programs I write. (Out of multible programming languages; I don't spend most of the time I spend programming writing mods for Minecraft)
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    forwarding one port wont open you to a whole world of hackers delights.
    99% of the time its not what ports people have open that causes problems, its something they have installed (adware, spyware, viruses, trojans) that causes problems from the inside out.

    if they have a clean machine, and maintain it well, opening port of 25565 open isn't going to hurt them. and if its someone that could figure out how to get to your data by only you having 25565 open, a $50 router and that port closed wont stop them anyway. Not wanting to open MC port to run a server for fear of a 'hacker' getting in using it. is the same as saying you don't want to use port 80 to use IE, or use ports 143 or 25 to read your outlook mail. because someone might sneak in. (there is a whole list of ports that routers 'forward' or 'bypass' by default so you can use the net freely)

    again I suggest looking up ports, knowing what they do, and how opening one port that only listens for a handshake from a specific program wont hurt you :)

    I'm not downing you in anyway, if its a private server for people you know personally, go for hamachi. but if you are wanting to make a public one, you will have a very hard time finding players.
    Not to mention using hamachi, and adding people from the public to your node on it is FAR more risky than the one port of 25565. as anything you have shared on any PC on your intranet will be able to be accessed by them as if they was hooked directly to your router. giving out the hamachi IP to strangers is basically going "here is a direct connection to every PC on my network, that bypasses all firewalls using its uPnP override.

    as far as someone trying to get into it, opening 25565 for a MC server is making a pinhole (if that) in your network security, adding them to your hamachi network as a 'trusted' link is just opening the door and inviting them in.
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