[POLL]Beastnode vs. Fluctishosting

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Which ones best?

  1. Beastnode

    13 vote(s)
  2. Fluctishosting

    3 vote(s)
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    I cant decide who im gonna pay to host my server. Any thoughts?
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    Ok I thought I would put my input in the matter considering I have once had a server running from both Beastnode and Fluctishosting. Each one has its pros and its cons.

    +PRO -CON

    -Beastnode can easily be DDOS offline.
    -Beastnode has a 5GB max storage with 10/m extra for 10 more GB of storage*
    +Beastnode has dedicated ram

    +Fluctishosting has a nice cpanel
    +Fluctishosting also has a nice user interface if you new to hosting
    -Fluctishosting does not have dedicated ram**

    *There prices may have changed since the last time they hosted my server.
    **I bought there 4GB package 4 months ago. Out of 4GB of ram it only allocated 1GB which caused server lag. Maybe they fixed it, but I am not sure.

    If I were you I would look for other hosts, study them and compare them together to get the best possible host out there for your server needs.

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    I have compared alot of hosts with prices and performance, my second choice would be daddycheese or obsidianhosting
    EDIT: i have had a server with beastnode before, i have had some problems with theire servers
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    I also been hosted by obsidian-hosting/obbyhosts - there support isn't that great but there hardware is ok, on the other hand daddy-cheese i hear there support is good but the hardware isn't good*.

    *-not sure if true or not.

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    Hmmm, worh a thought
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    Go with Beastnode dude.
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    Most minecraft providers can be ddosed offline so that's not really a con. (Unless you're paying for actual ddos mitigation)

    Why not contact them both and see how well you like their support and the way they run things?
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    Either way, allgamer 5ever
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    http://pytohost.com/ is the way to go

    We host and their hosting is really amazing and cheap. Just saying.

    They even have a 3 day refund if you dont like them
    -Refunds for other services other than domains are 3 days. After 3 days you can not get a refund. The refund window is only for your first month period.
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    They are out of stock..
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    Beastnode oversells.
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    I dont have any experience with Fluctishosting but Beastnode has been pretty solid for me over the a year I would say.
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    Beastnode, if you don't mind all the times they have been attacked and their databases dumped and leaked.
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    just follow them on twitter. They say when they get more in stock. When we were first looking into purchasing from them they were out of stock but they had more the next day.
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    Minecraft specific hosting is a joke.
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    Beastnode ftw :3
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    A VPS is more expensive though.
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    Noooo, if you do your research you'll find the exact opposite. VPS non-specific hosting is a muuch better choice then buying hosting for a specific game.
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    Give me an example.
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    On beastnode you can get a server with 1 GB of memory and on pytohost you can get a VPS with 1 GB of memory for 5 dollars less.

    However, Beastnode is managed, plus it comes with Multicraft, which is not free. In addition, on a VPS at least 256 MB of ram is used by the OS (add around 40 MB for a web server with Multicraft). So really, they're around the same price, but you get more with Beastnode due to it being managed.

    I'm not saying Beastnode is good, because really it isn't. I'm using it as an example for a minecraft server hosting company.
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    Pick any two:


    (You can't have your cake and it it too! Paying a little extra for a premium provider like Elpishost, Allgamer, or NFOservers is usually worth it.)


    [root@vks17870 ~]# free -m
                 total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
    Mem:           128         68         59          0          0         34
    -/+ buffers/cache:         34         93
    Swap:          128          0        128
    [root@vks17870 ~]# uname -a
    Linux vks17870.ip-198-245-56.net 2.6.32-042stab059.7 #1 SMP Tue Jul 24 19:12:01 MSK 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
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    Well, it depends on the OS...
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    Not true at all, actually, a VPS server in return would cost more then a simple minecraft server.. You see, these minecraft host's servers are MADE for minecraft, that being said they have perfect hardware to run their specified amount of players.
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    Whatever floats your boat man. You'll realize one day what I'm talking about. Just letting you know now... you don't have to best honest about all your hardware when providing 3rd party hosting. Please note: Minecraft server hosting companies purchase from larger, more developed hosting companies 96% of the time. These 1st party hosters provide the real service. The mc-hoster installed the software. It's all a joke.
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    On the poll you forgot neither.
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    Yeah, but your general minecraft server owner doesn't have $250 a month for a dedicated server.
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