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    I have a great idea for a plugin but I can't make it.:( It's called PoliceCraft.
    Basically it adds NPC's
    that are policemen and you can configure them to attack and jail people if they break a rule (rules are configurable).
    But, you need to construct a police station. The police station is divided in 3 parts: the lobby, the jail, and the recruiting area. The recruting area is like a spawn area for the NPC's.
    And you can also configure the inventory and armor.
    And every time one dies the recruting area spawns another.
    But there needs to be a police captain in every police station (police captains are players not NPC's).
    I already have a list of types of policemen:
    Police Captains. (players not NPC's) (needed and maximum per poli. stati. 1)
    Police Station Guards. (always stay at the poli. stati.) (guard the station and the prisioners) ( 2 at the entrance + one per jail room)
    Policemen (always patroling and in pairs of 2) (limit per station 20 (policemen not pairs))
    (if you can do it) Detectives (when someone griefs he is charge of finding who it was and find him (it does that with BigBrother))

    Please tell me if your up for the job.
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    You can't add items with bukkit.
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    Yeah "And are crafted by using 3 gold pieces in a V form (like bowls and buckets)." can't be done without a client-side mod. However everything else seems possible. Somewhat challenging for the likes of me, but its more than possible for an experienced plugin developer. The only problem I see other than the one mentioned above is what violations to make policemen respond to.
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    There, I erased the badges.[gold] Also, now I don't think promotions are good.:confused:

    P.S.: Thanks for the information!:)
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    No one?:oops:

    How about you captainawesome7, would you like to do it?:confused:

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    I would love to but I have yet to learn how to code plugins. I only know how to code java applications.
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    Well, if it hasn't been made and you learn how to code plugins I hope I can trust in you.
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    Anyone. (that can make a plugin)

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