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    I use the Jail plugin on my server for role-play purposes, and I have encountered the problem that there is no good way for the criminals to win. They can hide (I use the jailstick option) from the cops, but they cant hide forever.

    I would like a plugin which hooks into the Jail plugin, and lets police (people with the right permission node) start a chase or hunt for someone. When this chase is called, if the criminal dies by any means they should be jailed into the jail set in the config, for amount of time defined in the config.

    If they do not die for 1 hour, they are let go, and another chase cannot be called on them for 1 day.
    These times should also be configurable.

    This time should only go down when both the criminal and the police who called the chase are online, that way if there is a disconnect people don't get away or get jailed unfairly.

    I realize this is a big request, but I would really appreciate it if someone tried to make it.

    Thanks ahead of time.
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    well this is a simple concept but sadly like you said it would require a crap load of work. i like the idea though.

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