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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by amunro, Jan 17, 2012.

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    So I am just about to start a HUGE project where a player will use one of the new spawn eggs to spawn a mob and duel with other players mobs. I am just wondering if this is at all possible. Looking through the API, I have found some things useful that I can use:

    Sets the target of the mob, however how can I get the living identity from the two eggs? Maybe make it so a player can only throw the eggs when there are no other monsters within a 30 block radius and then just get the two entities.

    Deals the given amount of damage to this entity, from a specified entity (but how can I use this to change a mobs damage to the other mob)

    Get the event-spawning event from the egg throw, but how can I restrict this to check for certain things before allowing the event (probably just an eventcancel but any discussion on this is still appreciated).
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    Eggs as balls? nah, use PokeSlime. xD

    1. As you spawn both entities you can set the targets.

    2. Just damage the entity with .damage(amount); ?

    3. As I sayed: Use (fork, or work together with me) PokeSlime... :p
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