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    Is it possible to create a plugin that allows tamed wolves to target another tamed wolf by a way of accepting a challenge from another player through commands?

    For ex:
    /pokewolf challenge <player>
    Challenges the specified player but must be within a radius. (Has to be close)
    /pokewolf accept/deny
    Accepts or denys a challenge.

    • Wolves start off weak (low health, low attack and defense, low special attack and defense, speed if possible)and get stronger through experience.
      • They earn exp through fighting other wolves, wild and tamed, mobs but not players. Custimizable exp earnings for each mob.
    • Wolves have types (which are electric, fire, water, grass, psychic etc.) which are generated randomly and by rarity.
    • Wolves have attacks and special attacks depeding on their type. For ex: Eelectric type wolf can use thunderbolt (lightning strike) and fire type can use flamewheel (target catches fire when tackled).
      • Wolves also have PP or powerpoints which deplete when an attack is used. Unlike the original pokemon, there is only one PP bar that all the attacks share instead of one for each attack (just like mana in the Heroes plugin). PP restores slowly as well. Customizable as well.
      • Wolves may have more than four moves, unlike the original pokemon, but stronger attacks require more PP and sometimes lay potion effects on the user (the wolf, not the trainer).
      • Attacks' and special attacks' power, strengths and effects are customizable as well as potion effect chances.
    • Wolves also learn skills as they level up and are customizable for each type (just like the Heroes plugin except they are types instead of classes).
      • Custom Experience settings that allows you to set max level and max exp.
    • Catch wolves by weakening them and using a pokeball (wolf eggspawner or specified item)as well as send them out or have them follow you around like normal minecraft or HeartGold/SoulSilver version.
      • Disable stacking for specified items so the player sends out the right pokewolf.
    • Pokedex, (Bone or specified item)which allows you to see info of a wild or tamed wolf. Wild wolves display only health, level, type and a description. Tamed display health, level, type, description, attacks, exp to next level and owner.
      • Able to nickname pokewolves with the pokedex (commands if not possible).
    • Wolves only attack on command (unless player gets attacked by a mob or another player).
    • Heal Wolves with not just food, but potions as well. Restore PP and heal poison with potions.
      • Able to customize how much the potions restore.
    • Tradeable wolves.
    • Tamed wolves don't die. They faint. When faint, they are inside the pokeball and can't be sent out until taken to a pokewolf center. Pokewolf healing machine can be a block or a sign.
    • Pokewolves can be stored in a PC network (chest network). They cannot be stored in 'normal' chests.
    • Pokewolves can be released in the wild and can be caught again even by a different trainer but they slowly lose experience if they are wild again.
    • Battling System: (controls how the matches work)
      • Battling system is what controls how a match works when two trainers accept a challenge.
      • Wolves only attack the target wolf during a match do prevent them from being 'distracted'.
      • Wolves only attack on command. Not a turned based strategy battle though. More like the anime.
      • Only one pokewolf out at a time. Matches end when player is out of wolves or surrenders.
      • Money rewards and losses for winners and losers.
    How does this sound? Is it possible?
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    You could already pretty much make this yourself with Citizens + Denizens
    You can make Npcs that are skinned like any monster

    And you could make a whole combat system that just operates in chat and maybe throws off harmless visual effects.
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    Really good idea
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    Yeah but it's not the same :(
    Besides, I'm pretty sure people would love this plugin and not everyone uses citizens let alone make a 'pokewolf' out of NPCs. They won't have any stats and what not either.
    Might as well make it a seperate plugin, which would be so damn awesome!!!

    Yeah! You think it's possible?

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    IDK i dont code bukkit plugins just java and javascript
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    Aww man :/ I'm actually learning java just to learn how to code plugins. There are two plugins I've requested so far and I really want them.

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