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    I've been searching and can't find anything like this yet (unless they are bundled in with a more complicated plugin). I'm trying to build advetures and dungeons for players and using various plugins and using TriggerCmds to do various things. I would like to add some actions to these buttons to take health or give health and ultimately damage over time (like poison).

    Something like;
    /modhp [hp:every x sec:timeperiod] [player] [text]
    eg: /modhp -1:5:60 Kalemar "A dart flies out of the wall behind you"
    that would take 1 health every 5 seconds for 60 seconds resulting in 12 hps taken in total
    If possible allow simple one of hits;
    eg /modhp 5 Kalemar "A mist appears around you and you feel refreshed"
    or /modhp -3 Kalemar "A blade comes out of the floor slicing your legs"

    perhaps /modhp 0 [name] [text] would clear any healing/poison over time.

    A Dungeon Master could use this to affect the players on the fly also which opens some possibilities. This would have to be tied down to only admin though (but allow it to be used with TriggerCmds) as it could get out of control.

    Thought I'd put this out for comment and perhaps for someone to pick up and do if they are looking.

    If I've missed the plugin which does this then please let me know.
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    I'll do it.
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    Awesome.. That's what I like to see :D

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