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    Plugin category: Not such category

    Suggested name: Points For Kills

    What I want: A custom system trophy-point plugin for killing players. Everytime you kill a player, you will get a message saying: You have gained 7 points for killing "(Player You Killed"). After that when you say something in chat There will be a prefix next to your name that says how much points you have. Example: [35][Owner][AJxD]: Hello.
    Now, when die I would like you to lose 7 points, you get a message saying "You have lost 7 points for being killed by "(Player that killed you)" and the amount you have goes down.
    Example: [28][Owner][AJxD]: Hello.
    Please note that the the prefix of the points you have must NOT interact with permission prefixes, for example Pex and Groupmanager.

    Ideas for commands: If possible, I would like if there was a command /points reset <player> and his points go back to 0, in case he used nodus or something to get those points. Also /points give <player> <amount> So you can give Voters or Donors extra points.

    Ideas for permissions: points.reset --> /points reset <player>
    points.give --> /points give <player> <ammount>

    Now I looked around on the forums and there was no such plugin which has exactly what I want, so I was hoping that one of you Java experts over here on the bukkit community could make me one :)
  2. I can give this a try, PM me.
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    Did his ever get made? I need THE SAME THING if you can do this pm me.
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    I can make this. I'll start on it right away.
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    Would there be a point in saving the points, so you can access it from flat-file or a database?

    Gonna give it a shot if I get some more information :)
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    This plugin is already taken I have already started development.
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    A beta version of this plugin is available here.
    A 1.0 version is awaiting approval.
  8. I made something like that a few months ago but without the chat prefix,
    and it counts kills and Deaths instead giving and taking points:

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