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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by khazoids, Jul 25, 2012.

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    Is there a node built into permissionEX to disable building or is there a separate plugins to disable building for a certain group? I don't really know what to type in or where to start searching for such a plugin.
  2. What I've done on my server is set up 5 groups with GroupManager.
    When someone comes onto my server for the first time they are by default in the Default group, all they can do is walk/fly around and talk. They can't build or use WorldEdit or anything. For them to be able to build they have to be in the group Builder using command /manuadd <Username> Builder
    hope that this helps some. GroupManager can be a confusing plugin to figure out, feel free to message me if you need help.
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    Well, I asked if there was a node on permissionEX because I want to find a plugin specifically for that. I've already setup everything with PermissionsEX so I don't want to switch to another grouping plugin.
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    Do you have modifyworld?
    If so, if a group doesn't have this permission node 'modifyworld.*' , they cannot build
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    They also can't talk
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    what chat plugin do u have and have u done what MrDent009 said?
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    I have, but they can't talk and I use iChat for prefixes and such
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    u need to give them the chat node if u want them to talk
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    I'm not sure it has a chat node. I've taken a thorough look at the plugin but it doesn't say

    I also don't understand how iChat affects this, when I remove modifyworld.* they couldn't talk but they could when it was still there


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    so can u state your problem again lol i forgot what ive done here and what u've done
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    Hey! I need some help, I have all this shit with PEX and Modifyworld but there are no world support for the worlds.
    I want them to be able to build in nether but not in overworld. But they should be allowed to BREAK in overworld.

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