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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Lim-Dul, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. CraftBook is not ported and if you read the list you'll notice it doesn't say anywhere that it IS already ported. It's in the section saying "confirmed to be ported" (i.e. later).
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    Stargates (as listed above) is crucial for me, there seems to be other bukkit plugins that are similiar, but the way stargates worked was perfect for our server setup.
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    I would like that :)
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    ClayReg is ported and now called AnyReg
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    MCSUtil will be ported into several jxpl JavaScript scripts.
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    Stargate has been ported, you can make it blue now ;)
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    WorldSave, because the original auto-save function does not work for me.
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    Just letting you know, Towny is now ported, and you say NPCs is but they aren't. there is a thread for it, but it hasn't actually been ported to bukkit yet, its a placeholder thread.
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    LogBlock got ported by me
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    hmmmm.. pretty sure NPCs has not been ported yet...
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    @deltahat Are you still planning on porting MCStats? Does Bukkit provide the hooks you need yet? Any idea when we might see this plugin again? (We still have our old hMod MCStats files. Will those be compatible with the Bukkit port?)

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    Umm, vminecraft needs to be ported.
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    @XScizzor I'll be porting vMinecraft as two seperate mods soon. vChat/vAdmin (names may change). They will basically replicate/improve all the old stuff vMinecraft did. For the admin mod it will also include everything hMods admins system did that vMinecraft relied on.
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    Now that beds are here I will definitely not be bothering to update the GoodNight Plugin. If you really really want it, I note that the hMod source was included with the plugin and the bukkit port should be a snap.
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    A lot of the functions of MagicSpells will be coming to spells soon :) So no need to worry about those.
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    iStick is listed in this thread as High Priority and already ported. However the developer has stopped working on it and it is now broken in CB 450 and higher.

    Can someone take it over?
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    Not sure if the list is being updated, but in case it is:

    hm0d = MobDrops, Bukkit = DropBonus
    hm0d = Snow, Bukkit = Snowballz (if dropping 4 snowballs is pertinent, let me know)
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    I have a plugin request if anyone could help me with it i would be very thankfull.

    the plugin is named: TradeCraft
    Could someone make the tradecraft plugin that is already for hmod now for bukkit because it is a nice shop plugin and it works realy good.
    if anyone say this plugin on another site for bukkit plz reply me so i edit my post.
    Here is the Tradecraft plugin i am talking about:

    already many thanks.
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    If it's of any help, I've ported / recreated BlastPick for Bukkit. Link in my signature. :)
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    "Comfirmed to be ported"
    But when ? D: I wait now for more than one month :S Please i need Craftizens D:
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    Please work on Cuboid [​IMG]

    I need it so seriously and it is so much better for protecting areas than WorldGuard...
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    I'm still waiting for CraftingReloaded, and i will cry twice [​IMG][​IMG]

    flamemen404 seems to be inaktiv.... that sooo f****ing sad.... uhm. :(
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    I might be able to make a plugin for this which does the same, let me know if you want this, then i'll take a good look into this :)
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    I want to port "DSMail".
    And I will port this on the next days.
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    Obituaries has been ported in the form of HeroicDeath - I'll have to check others when I have the time.
  28. who can port signprinf my server really needs it for our bus,metro,train and stuff like that also we have a few 1000 clocks so..... please port it :D
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    Well, I was going to look into some plugins, but it seems that hey0 forums are down... Guess I'll try again later.

    @gnftoxic Interestingly I was going to look into this first (it intrigued me), but since you've done it, perhaps the lists need to be updated...

    By the way, flyRidgefly has been ported by the Voxel team (or at least has been coopted). I at least know it's been ported already by someone.
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    Realms was ported? Could someone point me towards a download for this? Thanks!

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