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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Lim-Dul, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Edit: My OP was split in this post but now it isn't. ^^
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    CraftIRC is released for Bukkit - not all functions are present yet but the bulk are.
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    dark navi

    Cuboid and Stargate. That is all I want. PLEASE CUBOID!!!
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    LWC and CuboidPlugin is the ones I used for hMod. Can't wait for the first stable bukkit realease. :)
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    MagicSpells is vital to my server. I'd really like to have it ported. What are the chances of that?
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    GriefAlert or WorldGuard, BackupPlugin, ChatChannels, ftPlugin, ExactSpawn, MCDocs (or something equivalent), FakeMessage (for fun), AutoServerStop (that one is really useful...). These are the most important plugins, in my opinion.
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    WorldGuard, Craftbook, iLoveYou, MCDocs, ExactSpawn would be really nice.

    And if the Groups plugin was updated :D

    Edit: Oh, and LWC is a must.
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    I just tried to contact the original creator of BlastPick for hey0.. seems I mistakenly ported it ;) and want to give him the option of releasing it first.
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    Ill be porting over MCDocs when I have the time. It's pretty simple to make, but I dont really feel up to coding much anymore. If people want to take over it, they can, but I'll see what I can get of a release soon.
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    Crafting Reloaded - Porting as we speak
    Citizenship - Half done porting
    Combat Reloaded - Recreating purely on Bukkit
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    Looking forward to MCStats!

    Hmm seen nothing on this yet a few new border protection has come up and people being forced to use Bukkit at a none finished level there is not much we can do.
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    I have ported magic carpet, with it including the ability to change carpet size.
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    Since it seems someone actually is curious, I'd like to state that I am very much around and will be porting my plugins to Bukkit when I can get the chance.
  18. I will update the recent info that has been provided! Thanks guys! I will probably start a third section with "plugin alternatives" as well, where people can look up whether a SIMILAR plugin exists instead of a direct port.
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    i want to port my plugins
    (triplechests, SquadS, Media, NuahgtyList and SecureWarps)
    although almost no-one has heard of them (well it seems so) i would love to port them, though i do not completly understand the porting process, is it simple re-wrting it to fit bukkits listeners and layout?
    also is anyone even interested or heard in any of my plugins XD

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    any updates on cuboid?
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    Does anyone need Goodnight ported?
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    This goes without saying but CraftBook is much more than minecarts, there really isn't much competition there.
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    I'll look into porting SpawnPoints next weekend.

    No guarantees tho, kinda waiting for Bukkit permissions so that I don't have to implement grouping twice.
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  30. CraftBook is not ported yet zo that list is not correct and if it is ported i need help because it dosen't work at my server
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    craftbook is not ported jet or i'm just to stupid to install it because it doesn't work at mine server

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