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  1. I've sent an e-mail to Relliktsohg (the plugin creator) and asked him if he's planning to release the plugin for Bukkit.
    When (and if) i receive an answer i will post it here.
    CuboidPlugin is on the RED(CRITICAL) list for me too, and i hope that it gets ported, or at least someone makes a similar plugin (without it, we can't keep the griefers afar)
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    I'll be porting MCStats and TwitterEvents as soon as the necessary hooks are implemented.
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  3. great news!
    I use MCstats on my server, and it's awesome that I'll be able to do it from now on
  4. It means that I don't know if it will be ported. Whenever the original creator of a plugin informs me here, on IRC, on the hMod forums or wherever that he/she will port a plugin the status is no longer unknown. Either that or somebody else declares the willingness to continue the creator's work.

    Glad to hear about LWC, Hidendra - I'll update its status when it's ready. ^^
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    As the developer of GroupSpawnlist, MVoter, and ClassChooser, I will (eventually, once I figure out this whole 'water carrying device' thing), port my plugins over to Bukkit. Now, all... er.... 1 person who uses my plugins will be able to have custom spawnlists for their groups, vote kick and vote time, and allowing for RPG servers to let players choose their own groups! I also intend to, (unless the actual developer says otherwise), "port" Achievements, and by "port" I mean do a complete rewrite from the ground up.

    Even though I'm no author of Cuboid, I'd still like to be on the list :3
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    MonsterHunt will get ported as soon as proper documentation comes, so all 5 servers that are using my plugin can continue hunting.
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    Actually, after seeing the license (GPL). I'm not so sure about porting. I do not want to open-source my plugin (PrivateWarp).

    I'm holding off porting until you guys figure stuff out with the license. It's all a little too vague to me.
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    I'll be porting War for sure when I get a minute between work and class.
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    will be ported by me...
  10. CuboidPlugin is confirmed to be ported.
    Below is the answer from Relliktsohg:

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    You forgotten DynamicMap, that plugin is extremly nice and i wish to have it on my bukkit server too.
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    Didn't look through the thread, but I'd like to request LocalChat. I see that some of CMP's dala plugins are already on the list. We use nearly all of them currently.

    Probably not going to upgrade to bukkit until all of the plugins we need are functional. DalaJail and Realms being two of the most important ones.
  13. I didn't "forget" about any plugins. This is list is comprised of plugins we run on our server (in fact that was its initial purpose) and plugins that people REQUEST in here. If it hasn't been requested, it's not on the list - I am not copying the whole Plugin Release forums over from hMod topic by topic. =)
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    I'll be porting all my plugins. Except cooldown because it won't be relevant.
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    Moo Master

    really want griefalert to be ported, or to at least find something like that. Anyone know of anything thats the same thing or similar?
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    X fingers on most of those plugins to be ported. I cannot wait to get by bukkit filled. haha!
  17. WorldGuard. Going to be ported. GriefAlert will most likely be ported too though.
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    Dont forget WorldEdit. Mods best friends!
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    Important for me:

    CraftBook, BackupPlugin, BorderLands, MCStats, Logblock, LWC, BigBrother, ServerPort, StarGate, . (Homes, Warps, TPs, Groups!)

    NaoMod, WorldGuard, MinecartMania,MCBan, FluxWhisper, AutoServerStop, ExactSpawn, TradeCaft.

    AfkKick, DeathNotify, LoginMessage, Reader, iChat, CraftingReloaded, iStealth, Slowheal, LocalChat, MineDeep, MineTNT, SignPainter, TFun, iStick,

  22. Apparently I can't add anything to my post anymore since I exceeded the character limit. :-\
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    Add one more to the "Already ported" list. ;)
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  26. I wonder if any moderator or rather person with access to the forum DB is reading this. If so, I can split my OP into two posts provided the second post's date will be edited so they are in order. =)
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    Cleaner was ported.
  28. Would like to see ported, and missing from OP:


    Or working replacements...

    Will be ported, and missing from OP:
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    All of my plugins are going to be ported, refer to my signature on the hMod forums for thread links.
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    Few days ago the PrivateWarp plugin has been ported to bukkit code.
    Not releasing the source though before anyone asks.
    Will be released when an official bukkit release is due.

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