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    Ok here are some plugins I'll have thought about but I can't make them so I'm passing on the ideas

    Tunnel digger

    This plugin makes tunnels roads and more bridges. You can set the block type and then if you want torches or if you want if making a bridge arches or no arches or filled in

    /td bridge narc
    /td bridge fill
    /td bridge arc

    /td tun torches <3>high
    /td tun ntorches <3> high

    /td road (gold) 5 wide

    Town set

    Make a town but want to have more then just a town which is in the middle of nowhere have a map to find it or have a compass follow it

    /ts sign nameoftown. Shows and arrow pointing to the town
    /ts comp nameoftown. Like finding spawn it points to the town

    Rail road worker

    Like minecartmania it uses blocks for boosters and then have a mountain and want to have a long rail road to the whole map


    /rr set rail Place two blocks where you want the rail to start and end and then use brick and the rail road will form and have all boosters along it

    /rr set stain makes a station in the set area with hidden components

    /rr set multi track let's the player set more then one location for track then type
    /rr multi track fin

    /rr help. Helps tell you what the blocks do

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