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    Hello. I dont know how to do those server broadcasts/messages in a server. On modded servers (Like bukkit, hmod) I see like "[SERVER] Donate to paypal etc...." in like every 5 minutes. I also need a plugin that allows ANY player to see what plugins are installed, by saying a command and how they work. Can you make one or find one ASAP?
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    Firstly, I'd recommend reading this post before requesting a plugin, as you seem to have broken most of their 'golden rules':

    With that out of the way, there are a cavalcade of MOTD plugins that will display messages at user-defined intervals. A quick search will find you that, no problems. As for your second request, I'd recommend MCDocs. It allows you to display the contents of text files with configurable commands. Just compile a list of mods in a text file and use MCDocs to display it.

    Hope I'm of some help -- and remember to read any sticky posts containing guidelines on post etiquette next time!
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    may be you can add "/plugin list" to your Permissions plugin:
    • /plugin: Allows you to enable, disable, or reload a specified plugin.
      • essentials.plugin
      • /<command> [list] [<enable|disable|reload> <plugin name>]

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